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New Round Deathmatch Event, Rewards & More

New State, formerly called PUBG: New State is complete, 100 days on the market. The new game has introduced more futuristic elements compared to BGMI. To celebrate the occasion, New State has introduced a new event to the game, as well as some limited-time rewards. Also read – New State Mobile new mileage system: earn and use points

Players will also receive special rewards for daily logins during the event period in their in-game email. Also read – Nokia will launch six new devices, including two Lumias at the October 22 event: Report

New Deathmatch Round

new state announced that there will be two Deathmatch challenges. During the events, 100 survivors who meet the conditions below can earn various rewards. Players can participate in both events and win rewards. Also read – Facebook sends out invites to its ‘Home on Android’ could be a forked HTC Android smartphone

Event planning

The event started on February 18 and will run until February 24.

100th day challenge 1

50 players will be randomly selected from those who have won the most Round Deathmatch games during the event period.

100th day challenge 2

50 random players who also belong to a clan will be selected from those who play the most Round Deathmatch games during the event period.

Reward Details

-10 Chicken Medals

-10 Royal Chest Tickets

-10,000 BP

Event details

-Players will be automatically entered into the 100th Challenge 2 if they play Round Deathmatch games while being a member/joining a clan during the event period.

-Players are automatically omitted from the [100th Challenge 2] if they leave their clan before we announce the winner.

-Winners announcements will be posted via separate message after the event is over.

-Players may be disqualified if they participate in the event in an abnormal manner.

-From February 18 to 20, another surprise sign-up event will take place.

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