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Nicole Kidman’s Vanity Fair Cover – Absolutely Fabulous, Or Too Risky?

The era of original magazine covers that caused a stir or copies that sold out may be over, but some still manage to get people talking and the latest cover of Nicole Kidman’s Vanity Fair is one of them.

The Oscar nominee actress is seen wearing a skimpy two-piece ensemble from Miu Miu’s Spring 2022 collection that has been described as “shrunken, skin-bare schoolgirl staples.”

The 54-year-old shows off her shapely physique in a low-slung belted miniskirt, along with a matching pleated bra top that reveals her abs.

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The look was completed with gray knee socks and pointy-toed loafers.

The cover has been compared to Britney Spears’ iconic schoolgirl look in the music video Darling one more time.

The cover shot is part of Vanity Fair’s 28th annual Hollywood Issue, featuring eight other actors with their own covers. The actors are Idris Elba, Kristen Stewart, Penelope Cruz, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simu Liu, Andrew Garfield and Michaela Jae Rodriguez.

The looks divided commentators, with some arguing that this was too risky for Kidman at her age, saying it infantilized the 54-year-old woman and the cover may also have been Photoshopped.

However, others complimented the risk and her body.

Kidman is the lead actress in the new movie, The Ricardos arein which she plays the character Lucille Ball, which earned her her fifth Oscar nomination.

“My whole life revolves around staying in that place of humility — because you’re either in a place of humility or going there,” she told the magazine.

Kidman said she was honored to be a part of the annual issue. Lucille Ball is an iconic actress known for her 1930s red hair. The Ricardos are starring Kidman as Lucille, Javier Bardem as Desi Arnaz and writer-director Aaron Sorkin.

It is about the relationship between Lucille and Desi and her rise to fame. The film has received three Oscar nominations.

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