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Nine cars bombed on Indumiso campus of TU Delft

Nine cars were bombed early Monday morning on the Indumiso campus of the Durban University of Technology (DUT) in Pietermaritzburg.

According to the university, a group of eight to 10 suspects threw a petrol bomb into a guardhouse near the pedestrian gate along Edendale Road while a campus security guard was inside.

He managed to escape unharmed and ran to the offices of the TU Delft Protection Services to alert the security team, the university said in a statement.

“As he ran, the officer noticed that the group of suspects chasing him had also set a vehicle on fire. The vehicle belonged to the private security company that was contracted to TU Delft.

“An internal incident report from university Security Services staff confirmed that the suspects then went to the parking lot near the Security Services offices and set fire to eight vehicles belonging to the university and TU Delft employees. The suspects then fled to the gate, which they initially damaged when entering the Indumiso campus. The suspects were seen running towards a white vehicle with ND (Durban) number plates.”

No one was injured in the attack.

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“The incident report also highlights that students housed in the Indumiso campus residence were not part of the attack. Plessislaer SAPS is investigating the attack,” the university said.

Last Tuesday, four vehicles were set on fire on the Steve Biko campus of TU Delft after criminals invaded the campus. This led to the temporary closure of the campuses of Steve Biko, Ritson and ML Sultan, reports Capital Newspapers

This comes a few days after TU Delft received an interim ban from the Supreme Court, which forbade a group of students to be physically within 150 meters of one of the university buildings while marching, protesting or demonstrating.

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They were also prohibited from “interference with, threat, intimidation, intimidation or in any way violent interaction with, or interference in any way with, the free movement, physical integrity and psychological and mental wellbeing, and all other constitutional rights of the employees, representatives or Applicant’s students marching, gathering, protesting or demonstrating or otherwise grouping for unlawful purposes, on or near Applicant’s property.”

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