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Norma Mngoma launches news platform with businessman Zareef Minty

Johannesburg entrepreneur Zareef Minty and Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) advisory member Norma Mngoma have launched a news company.

World News Holdings is a company with diverse portfolio interests ranging from news websites and other social media platforms around the world with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality content to the public.

mintya Forbes 30-under-30 list-maker and Mngoma recently launched the company, where they also shared the details of their first project.

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“I am proud to announce that my business partner and I have launched World News Holdings with the Dubai Daily as its first project in the UAE [United Arab Emirates]where we are building something incredible,” said Mngoma.

Mngoma will also participate in Minty’s Generational Wealth Education School and University Tour projects, where she will speak with students across the country.

“I want to inspire our young people to dream big and, above all, to chase their dreams,” she said.

Minty and Mngoma will spend some time in the UAE in the coming months to build the business in the Middle East.

“We see great value in creating news platforms around the world.

“We will start with the UAE, Qatar and South Africa – before expanding to Europe and America,” Minty said.

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