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NSPCA to help animal shelters in Ukraine

As residents of Ukraine flee the country’s capital and invade areas, many residents have not left their fur babies at the mercy of missiles.

While many have been seen on the run with their pets, there are fears that some have been left behind.

The NSPCA Says It Will Help The Country Care For Its Animals

“The NSPCA is devastated as news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfolds. Our hearts go out to our colleagues in animal welfare and the people of Ukraine,” the animal welfare group said in a statement.

The NSPCA will donate 30,000 euros as a starting point for aid to animal welfare shelters in Ukraine.

“We commend our brave colleagues who work in animal welfare shelters in Ukraine, who have decided to stay behind and take care of the animals in their shelters. These animals have nowhere to go,” the NSPCA said.

The animal welfare group is working with foreign colleagues to set up donation portals for as many Ukrainian animal welfare shelters as possible and to ensure that the money reaches the animals on the ground.

“South Africa, we are known to the world for our spirit of ubuntu, among many other wonderful things,” the animal shelter said.

“We cannot stand by and do nothing. The NSPCA will help Ukraine. If you’re willing to help us help animal shelters across Ukraine, please to donate using the reference “UKRANE.”

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