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Okinawa Okhi 90 electric scooter for a range of about 200 km

Okinawa Autotech is ready to launch a new product in the Indian electric scooter segment. Okhi 90 launch has been confirmed for March 24. The new scooter will be a major upgrade over the company’s existing scooters, especially in terms of range and speed. The company is also planning to launch another EV in the two-wheeler segment, codenamed okhi 100Also read – Bajaj Avenger 220 EV Conversion Kit Launched: Turn your Avenger into a Hybrid

Jeetender Sharma, the co-founder and general manager of Okinawa Autotech revealed details about the launch of the Okhi 90 and Okhi 100 in an exclusive interaction with The Okhi 90 Electric Scooter is scheduled to launch next month, while the Okhi 100 electric bike will start at the beginning of the second quarter (June-July 2022) of the next fiscal year. Also read – Oil companies to set up 22,000 EV charging stations in major Indian cities, highways

Okhi 90 range

Sharma also shared some details about the range and speed of the upcoming EVs. The speed of the Okhi 90 electric scooter will be more than around 80 to 90 kilometers per hour and the range will be somewhere around 170 km to 200 km per charge. Also read – Harley Davidson New ‘Affordable’ Bike Del Mar Launching Soon: Everything We Know So Far

Sharma added: “I think these are the two big things people are going for, to counter range fear. I would say this product is going to change the market scenario of the EV segment in India. There are plenty of other features that make the product futuristic.”

Okhi 90 Charging

The Okhi 90 electric scooter comes with fast charging. Currently, all Okinawa Autotech vehicles offer fast charging. Sharma claimed that fast charging will be made available in current and future products. The Okhi 90 charges 70 to 80 percent in the first hour and the remaining 2-3 hours.

Sharma claimed that the product to come will have software technology that is way ahead. Sharma said: “They will have artificial intelligence functions and connected vehicle functions. Consumers are looking for a product that is comparable in range to ICE engines.”

He said: “Currently, our product iPraise+ gives a range of about 139 km to 140 km, according to the real customers. The new Okhi 90 product offers a real range of more than that.”

Change battery

In terms of battery swap, Sharma said, “Battery swap policies will help the overall EV industry grow and so even Okinawa will grow. Current Okinawa products all have removable batteries. You can take the battery out and you can charge it anywhere like charging a mobile These products also have the same concept.”

He added: “For bartering, it depends on whether the same company makes the barter station or the third party. If the third party makes the swap station, the battery form factor should be the same. It will take some time for OEMs to create a common battery form factor.

Sharma said: “The Okhi 90 and Okhi 100 are going to change the perception of the electric scooter on Indian roads, which I’m pretty sure about. And when you witness it during the launch, you also have the same thought process.”

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