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Opposition parties accuse Makhura of repeating last year’s message

In what opposition parties have seen as implausible and a series of unfulfilled promises – Gauteng Prime Minister David
Makhura on Monday unveiled a list of projects he believes would create jobs in the province.

Amid the pomp that preceded his State of the Province Address (Sopa) — marked by sporadic bickering by Red-clad Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MPLs — Makhura appeared to be repeating a similar message delivered last year.

He spoke about economic growth, investment opportunities, the growth of the township economy and job creation.

But to Democratic Alliance (DA) shadow health organization MEC Jack Bloom and EFF acting provincial chairman Itani Mukwevho, Makhura’s message was “unconvincing” for a government that puts people’s interests first.

“He’s not credible at all when it comes to corruption, which he hasn’t tried to prevent,” Bloom said.

“The infrastructure MEC should have been fired for failing patients at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital – there should have been consequences.”

He said Makhura “should have intervened much earlier – because it is a vote of no confidence in his infrastructure development department, which has appointed the wrong people for the job.

“Unfortunately, people are dying due to the lack of rapid intervention.”

“They claim to create a small number of jobs, but business confidence is more determined by national policies, not provincial policies. Government agencies are corrupt and the money is not well spent because of corruption and inefficiency.”

Mukwevho said the reason the EFF harassed Makhura was because “he talked about reviving the township economy.
years and is now repeating the same message without any tangible progress.”

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He said the EFF asked for the land audit report to determine what land is owned by the provincial government.

“That was impossible to produce. He can talk about cannabis as a revival of the economy, but he has no country.”

Mukwevho claimed Makhura called “faceless and unnamed” scholarship beneficiaries. “Unless he gives us the list of those who have benefited, we will believe him,” he said.

With his projects described by the EFF and the DA as sparse in detail, lacking tangibles like timelines and milestones,
economic-related campaigns Makhura reported on include:

  • The creation by the presidency of a project management agency that worked with the government of Gauteng on the development of Lanseria Smart City.
  • Twelve vehicle component manufacturers, already operating in the Tshwane Special Economic Zone, “while construction work continues”.
  • R1 billion spent on the construction phase of an SMME project in Mamelodi – “using what is now nationally recognized as a benchmark for developing local contractors”.
  • In total, 3 440 permanent jobs have been created in the province since the last Sopa – more than the target of 3 288.
  • Work on developing the N12 corridor continued, with mining houses and other private sector partners investing in solar farms, urban agriculture, green hydrogen and the expansion of
    the Busmark factory.

Makhura said Gauteng had set up “a provincial war chamber” in which government and industry leaders joined forces to boost economic recovery “by unlocking growth in every sector and creating sustainable jobs, as well as supporting the development of SMEs.” “.

“Through the war chamber, we are partnering with industry leaders on programs that will unleash growth by aligning public policy support and action with industry leaders’ consolidated commitments to investment and jobs,” he said. .

“We do this with a strong and deliberate emphasis on creating jobs and economic opportunities for the people of Gauteng, especially the youth and women.

“We open value chains, build competitive local content production, promote commercially meaningful ventures, supplier development, SMEs and township businesses.”

He added that the war chamber had launched a program of quarterly industry action labs with industry representatives focused on problem-solving and social densification platforms.

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