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Pakistani businessman convicted of murder

A 44-year-old Pakistani national, Muhamed Sajid Khan, has been convicted of two counts of murder and attempted murder.

Muhamed Sajid Khan appeared before the Supreme Court of Pretoria on Monday.

Khan owns about nine properties in and around Pretoria.

It is understood that on February 1, 2020, six members of the Concerned Tshwane Residence (CTR) went to one of Khan’s properties in Luttig Street, Pretoria West, to verify that he was indeed the rightful owner of said property.

The National Prosecutor‘s Lumka Mahanjana said upon arrival at the said address, an argument broke out between Khan and a member of CTR.

Mahanjana said he grabbed a gun and shot the CTR member and a bystander, who also died at the scene, and tried to shoot another member of the CTR team.

“According to the testimony of one of the witnesses who is a member of the CTR in court, he said that after the shooting incident, ‘the members of CTR went to the police station to make a report, when they arrived they saw Khan and because of fear of what he might do, they did not enter the police station, but went back to the scene of the shooting.” Police later arrived and filed a report.”

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Mahanjana said Khan was handcuffed after handing himself over to police.

“Two days after the incident, Khan turned himself in to police and was released on $10,000 bail. After he was found guilty, state attorney Eric Sihlangu requested that Khan’s bail be revoked and the court granted the state’s request, Khan remained in custody after his conviction.”

In an affidavit he handed to the court in support of his bail request, he said he was not a violent person.

Mahanjana said the case has been settled on May 31, 2022, at Court GC for sentencing.

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