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Pension fund benefits frozen for former chief inspector of public works

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has received a custody order from the Special Tribunal to freeze assets, bank accounts and the pension fund of former Superintendent of Public Works and Infrastructure, Clive Charlton.

This order was obtained after they found evidence that he would approve fraudulent invoices from a subcontractor. The SIU also claimed that the contractor overcharged for its services.

The SIU said Charlton’s negligence resulted in the department suffering financial losses of R510,000.

SIU spokesman Kaizer Kganyago said that between 2014 and 2018, the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) appointed electrical consultancy NECS to provide maintenance and repair services to buildings owned by the ministry.

“Charlton was responsible for verifying invoices and supporting documents to be paid to the contractor,” said Kganyago.

Kganyago said the SIU had applied for the custody order so that it could recover the lost money if Charlton was found guilty of any wrongdoing.

“This should ensure that parties involved are not wasting assets and make it difficult for the SIU to recover financial losses from the state when the case is concluded,” Kganyago said.

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