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Personal information not compromised, Samsung confirms

Samsung has confirmed that no user information has been compromised following a recent security breach involving internal data at the company.

Social media posts are circulating about the South Korean tech giant being hacked.

News of the hack was reported earlier this month, allegedly by a group called Lapsus$.

According to The edgeSamsung has neither confirmed nor denied the identity of the hackers.

200 GB of stolen data

The group allegedly responsible for the hacking shared screenshots showing 200GB of stolen data, including source code used by Samsung for encryption and biometric unlock functions on Galaxy hardware.

In February, alleged Lapsus$ hackers attempted to blackmail computer systems design services company, Nvidia, by threatening to leak data online unless Nvidia removed cryptocurrency mining restrictions from certain GPUs and made drivers for these video cards open source.

It is not clear whether Lapsus$ has made demands on Samsung.

Samsung has not confirmed whether Lapsus$ is the group that has stolen data related to encryption and biometrics, but the company confirmed that no personal data from employees or customers was stolen, Samsung said. The edge.

Bloomberg reported that the tech company has confirmed a security breach. “According to our initial analysis, the breach involves source code related to the operation of Galaxy devices, but not the personal information of our consumers or employees. We currently do not expect any impact on our business or our customers. We have taken steps to prevent further such incidents and will continue to serve our customers without interruption.”

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