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Police on full force in Pan Africa Mall after clashes with foreigners

Alexandra was significantly calmer on Thursday morning after fierce clashes between hawkers, members of the Alexandra Dudula Movement and foreigners.

Despite this, a heavy law enforcement presence persists, especially outside Pan Africa Mall trading stalls, Alex News reported.

According to Agnes Malatjie, leader of the Alexandra Dudula Movement, Operation Fiyela’s program will now shift its focus to ensure that community members who have “benefited” can conduct their business without any hindrance.

Malatjie declined to say how many community members were involved.

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Several people were arrested and injured in Alex on Monday after clashes broke out.

The vigilante, which should not be confused with Operation Dudulahas targeted illegal aliens in South Africa and believes that immigrants take scarce jobs from the local population.

The violence has been widely condemned, with Amnesty International saying a lack of action against vigilantes is fueling xenophobia in the country.

Cabinet on Thursdayy also urged communities to prefer to use peaceful means to resolve disputes and report all illegal activities to law enforcement agencies.

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Dire results

Presidency Minister Mondli Gungubele warned that solving problems with illegal means could lead to “bad results”.

Alex News reported that a group of members of the Alexandra Dudula Movement were also present at the mall in addition to Saps and metro police, but were constantly warned to remain calm.

“We have done nothing wrong and we have a right to be here. We cannot be ordered to leave as if we have broken the law,” an elderly woman from the group told the publication.

Street vendors told Alex News that they could trade today, and that the square was bustling with activity.

Meanwhile, rumors that one of the leaders of the Alexandra Dudula movement would surrender to police on Wednesday were crushed by Malatjie.

Alex Peace Ambassador Thabo Mopasi said dialogue was needed to resolve the current crisis in Alexandra, which he says could become dire if left unchecked.

“We need to come together in social cohesion programs to talk about our differences and problems and try to find common ground in the interest of peace in our community,” Mopasi said. Alex News

“There are many interest groups in Alexandra and we need to come together under one roof and find common ground.”

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Edited by Nica Richards.

This article first appeared on Caxton Publication Alex News, by Sipho Siso. Read the original article here

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