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Randwater cuts off the water supply to parts of Pretoria East

Rand Water has shut off the water supply to the Vlakfontein Reservoir, which supplies power to parts of regions three, four and six – largely the eastern part of Pretoria.

The water and sanitation department of the city of Tshwane said it was not informed that the water supply had been cut off, but it turned out that the reservoir had been closed from Friday for repairs.

The planned end date is expected to be Sunday at 7 p.m.

“The city has not been informed by Edge Water about this shutdown and we are escalating the matter,” said Water and Sanitation MMC Phillip Nel.

“The main concern is that with this loss of supply, we can expect areas to become nearly empty and potentially run out of water,” Nel said.

“We must encourage residents to conserve water in the meantime, while the city urgently works with Rand Water and pushes for a faster recovery of the water supply.”

This is the second water stop in over a week. Several parts of Tshwane were hit by water supply problems earlier this month due to a power outage at a Rand Water booster station.

“The station is fed from a substation of the city of Ekurhuleni, fed from the Eskom grid. The incident affected the Vlakfontein reservoir that supplies the city with power,” said Selby Bokaba, spokesman for the city of Tshwane.

This had resulted in falling water levels at two edge water reservoirs, Selcourt and Bronberg.

compiled by Narissa Subramoney

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