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Resident Evil Village gets a new popular DLC voted by gamers

Capcom has announced a new Resident Evil 7 DLC, titled ‘Dead Aim’ and this DLC will be voted on by the Resident Evil 7 fanbase. Pick your favorite weapon from the list below, and cast your vote at Resident Evil 7’s web site. ( )

We all love Resident Evil Village, the game that lets you explore a Japanese village in 1998. The new DLC being released on the Nintendo Switch version today is called “The Last of Us” and it is quite a big surprise for fans of the Resident Evil series. The new DLC includes a new playable character, some new enemies and the ability to play with the original characters of Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3.

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  • Capcom has confirmed that it is working on Resident Evil Village DLC.
  • What the DLC will focus on is still a mystery to fans of the game.
  • Another multiplayer mode is also in development, which Capcom calls Re:Verse.
  • An official release date has not yet been announced.

Are you a fan of the Resident Evil game series and have you thoroughly enjoyed The Village? If so, we have very good news for you. Capcom has finally confirmed that DLC for Resident Evil Village is in development and that the Re:Verse multiplayer mode will be available soon. The game’s developers haven’t revealed many more details about the official release, but it looks like more information will be available soon.

New Village DLC coming to PC and console players

This means that if the DLC is still in development, it could be a while before it hits the market. The big question here is what content the game’s DLC will focus on. Will it shed more light on Lady Di’s story or Heisenberg’s story? Or we could see a spin-off dedicated to a completely different character or situation. It’s important to note that Capcom has a lot of choices when making this highly anticipated new content. By popular demand, development has begun on additional DLC for Resident Evil Village, It was expected that fans would ask for additional content since the game was a big hit, although users complained about FPS issues while playing. Another aspect that bothered players was the overall length of the game itself, many felt it was too short.

Re:Verse’s multiplayer mode is also in development

Capcom is not only taking the time and resources to develop a brand new DLC for Resident Evil Village, but they will also be introducing a new multiplayer system. Re:Verse is also scheduled for a July release on all supported platforms, much to the delight of loyal fans of the series. This multiplayer mode felt a little unfinished and rough in the early images, so everyone is hoping that the extra development time has left its mark on the final product, which by the way will be free to play. Are you looking forward to the new DLC for your favorite game Resident Evil? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Not enough details. It’s hard to understand Other Contact an expert Take part in the discussion

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