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RHODurban: Did Jojo go too far with Nonku?

On Thursday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Durban, Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku hosted an exclusive dinner for husbands and special friends, but when she sent out the invitations, she kept a secret that her and her husband, Musa Mseleku, were the hosts of the event.

Arriving late to the event, the housewives were shocked and disappointed to find that they had gathered for an event hosted by Thobileand they were even more annoyed that they had to wait so long for the couple to make their dramatic entrance.

The black-tie event caused a lot of tension among the housewives, as the topic of polygamy and cheating featured prominently in their conversations throughout the evening.

Nonku Williams shook the dinner table when she made the statement that every man cheats or has cheated at some point in their lives, then went on to highlight the story that black men generally cheat, while white men usually spend money on sex workers when they’re on looking for cheating.

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Nonku’s statement displeased Jojo Robinson, telling her to shut up if she had nothing better to say than making insulting remarks and statements.

Viewers on Twitter were divided about the incident that took place between Nonku and Jojo, as most believed that Nonku’s statement was true and that if Jojo was safe in her marriage, she would not have been affected at all.

Later in the episode, Jojo and Noku went quad biking where they had a chance to unpack and discuss the incident that happened between them over dinner.

Robinson said she was deeply offended by Nonku’s statement, and Nonku explained that she had no intention of offending anyone and that she was only sharing her own opinion based on her life experiences.

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Jojo then shared details about her previous marriage to Williams and revealed that she too has had the experience of being married to an abusive partner.

The latest episode of the Real Housewives of Durban also saw Londiwe Zulu meet with Mabusi Seme, a businesswoman who is well acquainted with the other cast members of the reality TV show.

When they met, Mabusi asked Londie who she was married to, and Londie said she was Theminkosi Nkosi’s betrothed.

Mabusi replied that she knew very well who her husband was, because she knows him from “the street” (implying that he is an impostor).

During LaConco’s interview session, she pointed out how unnecessary Mabusi’s comment was, as she suggested that Thembinkosi has a reputation for being a ladies’ man.

The episode ended with a scene where Londie, Annie, and Nonku met for dinner.

Annie revealed to Londi that she was annoyed by the fact that everyone i . spokesiZulu at the dinner table, knowing full well that she and Jojo don’t speak or understand the language.

When Williams arrived, she revealed that she had invited her mother to dinner to clear up any misunderstandings that had arisen during their last meeting, which upset some housewives.

Londie and Annie raised the issue that Nonku’s mother referred to them as stupid women, but Nonku and her mother claim that she didn’t say that and would never insult them in that way.

During Nonku’s interview session, she mentioned that Londie sucks at Annie and supports Annie in everything she has to say.

Here are some Twitter reactions from last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Durforbid:

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