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RHODurban without Nonku is ‘boring’ – Viewers react to last episode

The housewife who has been the topic of conversation in the new season of The Real Housewives of DurbanNonku Williams was once again the center of attention in the final episode.

The housewife has been on the lips of viewers and fellow housewives for her actions and her mother Queen.

Episode five, which aired Friday on Showmax, started with Annie and Londie recounting their confrontation with Nonku and Queen over claims they weren’t pretty or smart.

However, the parties involved did not resolve much as the women prepared for Sorisha Naidoo’s Halloween party. This is when former castmate Kgomotso Ndungan made her comeback after she left in season one.

Sorisha’s Halloween party was themed “sexy scary” as Kgomotso planned the decoration of the event and was invited to attend.

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Before this happened, Nonku met new housewife Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku, while questioning her about life in polygamy. Nonku said Thobile needn’t worry about her polygamous husband Musa Mseleku’s side chicks as she is the fourth wife.

There was also an interesting date between Laconco and nonku‘s mom who had a spa date. Laconco said they didn’t hear what Annie or Londie heard and dismissed their claims which have been made continuously since episode one.

Viewers were confused on last week’s episode that Annie was unable to speak some words in Zulu because she is married to a Zulu man who has Zulu children. So Annie, Sorisha, and Jojo decided to take a Zulu class to learn the language.

Sorisha felt that Jojo wasn’t taking it seriously, as she was joking all the time. Annie also learned about the ancestral culture of the Zulu people and how it works.

When the Halloween party scene finally arrived, Annie was dressed as Curella de Vil, Sorisha and Londie as Maleficent, Jojo as Harley Quinn, and Nonku as Catwoman. Lacono kept throwing jabs at Kgomtoso and Thobile during her confessionals, saying both women didn’t fit in the party.

Mabusi threw a surprise party when Nonku’s drinking was called into question, as she appeared intoxicated when she arrived and performed antics as Catwoman.

Mabusi and Nonku reconcile from last year’s drama. A game of truth or dare, initiated by Annie, spiced things up when she asked if Nonku was the side chick of the late gospel singer Sifiso Ncwane.

The two share a child, Sifiso was married to former homemaker Ayanda Ncwane. Nonku denied she was the other woman, but she was a fan of the gospel singer.

Here are some of the reactions to the latest episode of The real Housewives of Durban

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