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Russia’s war in Ukraine: latest developments

Here are the latest developments in the Russian war in Ukraine:

– ‘Results’ in calls –

Kiev’s presidential adviser says a third round of talks between Ukraine and Russia on the Belarus-Poland border has yielded “positive results” on opening humanitarian corridors.

However, Russia’s chief negotiator Vladimir Medinsky says Moscow’s expectations of the talks “were not fulfilled”.

Turkey announces that it will receive the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine for talks on Thursday.

– Shot in flight –

Russia is stepping up its shelling of cities including the city of Gostomel near Kiev, Kharkov in the east, Sumy in the northeast, Chernihiv in the north and Mykolayiv in the southwest.

Ukraine’s President Volodymr Zelensky accuses Russian troops of “deliberate killing” of civilians after a family with two children was killed by shelling while trying to flee the town of Irpin.

Tens of thousands are still trapped without water or power in the southern port of Mariupol after two failed evacuation attempts.

– Vow to further punish Russia –

The leaders of the United States, France, Germany and Britain pledge to “continue raising costs to Russia” for the invasion of Ukraine, the White House says after videoconferencing.

– Bakery shit –

At least 13 people have been killed by shelling at an industrial bakery in Makariv, about 50 kilometers west of Kiev, Ukrainian rescue services say.

– Fierce fighting around Kiev –

Ukrainian military and fleeing residents describe fierce fighting on the northwestern outskirts of Kiev, including street and hand-to-hand combat, which could soon spread to the besieged capital.

– EU considers membership bids –

EU members agree to begin the lengthy process of examining membership applications submitted by Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova in the wake of the Russian invasion of its neighboring country.

– Rock-solid friendship –

China’s foreign minister says the friendship between Beijing and Moscow is “rock solid” despite the Russian invasion and offers to mediate.

– Oil, gas prices skyrocket –

Oil prices have peaked in nearly 14 years and European and UK natural gas prices are hitting record levels after the United States proposed an embargo on Russian oil imports.

However, the leaders of Germany, Britain and the Netherlands warn against such a ban, as it could endanger Europe’s energy security.

The price of nickel, of which Russia is a major producer, is rising 90 percent to an all-time high amid supply fears.

– Debts paid in rubles –

Russia says it will allow Russian companies and individuals to repay debts to creditors in “hostile” countries, including the US, EU, Britain, Canada and Japan, in its battered national currency, the ruble.

– Russia rejects international court –

Russia refuses a hearing at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, where Ukraine wants an immediate order to end the conflict.

– Russians need clothes: Uniqlo –

Japanese casual wear giant Uniqlo is defending a decision to keep Russian stores open even as rivals Zara and H&M suspend operations in the country over the invasion of Ukraine.

“Clothes are a necessity of life,” said Tadashi Yanai, president of Uniqlo operator Fast Retailing.

– Visa row –

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is defending his government against accusations of being unwelcome to Ukrainian refugees, saying it has so far granted only about 50 visas due to the need to screen all new arrivals for security reasons.

– 1.7 million refugees –

The UN says 1.7 million people have fled Ukraine, making it the fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II.

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