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Sarah Langa wants married women to show more grace to divorced women

Rarely anyone to say anything on social media unless she has something she really needs to get off her chest, influencer Sarah Langa has called out married women and women in long-term relationships for how they treat divorced women.

Sarah Langa is a luxury lifestyle influencer who married businessman Jehan Mackay in a traditional ceremony in 2016. In 2017, the couple had their white wedding, but their marriage was short-lived.

According to Sunday WorldMackay filed for divorce in September 2019 after just two years and 10 months of marriage, but news of the divorce proceedings came out in March 2020.

Mackay is said to have become disillusioned with their relationship due to Langa’s obsession with social media, which is essential to her career as an influencer.

Langa’s divorce from Mackay was completed in early 2021 and she has occasionally spoken about her experience and shared her thoughts and feelings with her followers.

Her most recent musings on the subject talked about how she has noticed that married women and women in long-term relationships treat women who have been divorced.

“Married women and women in committed relationships really need to stop treating divorced women as if divorce were a super contagious disease. Women will humiliate us, bully us, alienate us and judge us for deciding to seek healthier lives in less toxic environments,” he wrote. Langa on Twitter

“We become such easy targets because we don’t have the emotional and physical support to take care of ourselves, dealing with the paperwork and emotions of a divorce becomes so exhausting that every extra stressor that takes you by surprise has a 10-fold greater impact,” he added. them to it.

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Langa believes the women she spoke to might find it helpful to befriend women who have gone through a divorce because they can learn from the experience and perhaps avoid the mistakes the divorced and their former partners make in their own marriages. have made.

“Your man isn’t even my type and even if he was, as a woman recovering from a heartbreak and dealing with the stress and anxiety of a divorce, the last thing I would want to do would be to go to a bring another woman.” she added.

Her post resonated with Twitter users, who shared their own experiences in the replies section below her tweet.

At the time of writing, Sarah Langa’s first tweet had received hundreds of comments and hundreds of retweets.

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