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Save Cellular Data or Wi-Fi Bandwidth on iPhone with Low Data Mode

Are you short of data? Can’t open that important email on your iPhone? There are a few simple tricks that can help reduce unnecessary data usage. Apple provides Low Data mode option which one can use to save cellular data or Wi-Fi bandwidth. Also read – Apple iPhone SE 3 key features unveiled, mass production likely to start this month

For the ignorant, low data mode was introduced in iOS 13 to save data both on cellular and Wi-Fi. The option is useful if you don’t have an active unlimited subscription. However, you have to make a few compromises to take advantage of the low data mode, for example music won’t stream in high quality, auto download will be disabled, FaceTime will get blurrier and iCloud updates will be interrupted. As mentioned, the mode is useful if you are traveling and have a limited data package, or if you are in a location with low data rates. That said, if you’ve decided to still use the mode, here’s a simple guide to help. Also read – iPhone SE 3 release date leaked ahead of official launch

How to Enable Low Data Mode on iPhone

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Open your Settings and select Cellular or Cellular data, depending on your cellular plan.

Then tap Mobile data options or Mobile data options. If you are using a dual SIM card, select a number instead.

For 4G, LTE or dual SIM, enable low data mode and for 5G data, select data mode first, then low data mode.

for Wi-Fi

– First, open your Settings and select Wi-Fi.

-Then tap the Info icon to the right of your connected network.

-Then turn on the switch for Low Data Mode

Those who use the latest iPhone model (version of 2021) can search for the Smart Data Mode function on their smartphone. To further check how much data your device uses each day, go to Settings and select Cellular or Cellular data, depending on your cellular plan.

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