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Say goodbye to the standard charger that comes with your phone

More and more smartphones, mainly high-end, are now being sold without a new charger, a move that makes both economic and ecological sense.

The trend was started by Apple in 2020, followed by Samsung, Xiaomi and Google in 2021. In the future, more models from manufacturers that already apply this policy, including many more affordable phones, will be sold in this state.

Samsung is therefore considering no longer supplying chargers with its next models of smartphones. The new Galaxy A13, A23, M23 and M33, all expected in the spring, should be the first, at least in the European market. At this rate, Samsunglike others, should never again provide a new charger for free and instead only sell at retail if needed.

The idea is to be able to reuse the charger from your old smartphone with your new model, if they are compatible of course. With the exception of switching from an iPhone to an Android device and vice versa, it is quite easy.

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Without the included charger, consumers can expect to pay a little less for their smartphones, and for manufacturers, the lighter packaging will also be a source of significant savings.

This decision also comes with an ecological logic. In recent years far too many chargers have been handed out in vain and unused they now lie unused in drawers.

The manufacturers involved can therefore pride themselves on reducing their environmental footprint while reducing the production of waste. With more than a billion smartphones sold worldwide every year, these kinds of decisions could yield real environmental benefits.

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