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Scan a document and turn it into a PDF file on iPhone without using any third-party app

Have you used a third-party app on your iPhone to scan documents? What if we told you that the feature is already available on your iOS device and you can ditch that document scanner app. Yes, you heard it right. iOS devices do have the ability to scan documents, but it’s hidden, meaning you’ll have to walk through a maze to reach it. Also read – Billionaire Explains Why ‘Zillions’ Of People Will Trade An Arm For Their Apple iPhone

Apart from that, Apple’s document scanner is available in the Notes app. The feature was added in 2017 with the iOS 11 update. Interestingly, it supports in-app sharing, so you can save the newly scanned document in any folder you want. That said, here’s a guide to scanning a document on an iOS device. Also read – WhatsApp offers this useful feature, but only for select Android users

Scan a document on iPhone and iPad

As mentioned, the document scanner is available with Apple’s Notes app on iPhone and iPad. With a few taps you can scan a document, turn it into a PDF file and share it. There is an alternative method which we will explain shortly. These are the steps to follow Also read – How to unlock your iPhone with a face mask

– First, open Notes on your iPhone and iPad.

– Then tap the camera icon and then Scan documents to create a new note.

– Tap the camera button at the bottom of the screen.

– Then tap Scan Documents.

-Then press the shutter button if the scanner does not scan it automatically.

-Then tap Save when you are done scanning the required pages. The button displays the number of pages scanned.

It will then be collected in a new note in the Notes app. To mark up a scanned document on your iPhone, here’s what you need to do.

-Tap the scanned document in your note and then press the share button in the top right corner.

– Scroll through the action menu and search for Markup.

-Then tap the tool you want to use.

– Tap + to add a text box, signature, magnifying glass, or shape to your document.

-Then highlight your document and then tap Done when you are done. And if you want to convert the scanned document to PDF, just tap the scanned document, tap the share button and then tap the app where you want to save your PDF and follow the procedure.

As for the alternative method, you can simply delete your . to open whatsapp, then the individual chat to whom you want to send the details, long press the chat box which will open popup scan text option. Users should note that this feature only scans the details of a page and sends the details. You cannot use it to convert it to a PDF file or save it as a document on your device.

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