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Six interior trends to refresh your bedroom in 2022

What’s going on in the world right now is impacting interior design trends and how you organize your space in ways you might not even think about.

According to PG Bison, a local manufacturer of wood-based products, interior trends in 2022 will continue to show the ripple effects of the wider events impacting the world, from Covid-19 to climate change.

We think these are the six biggest bedroom decor trends for the coming year PG Bison

Bedroom interior trends:

1. Comfort is king

“Your bedroom is your sanctuary – where you sleep, dream, prepare for your day and enjoy privacy and tranquility.

Covid-19 made people spend more time at home and rewired the way we thought about our spaces,” said Jason Wells, Brand and Marketing Manager at PG Bison.

“From creating workspaces at home or homework places for children to investing in more comfortable beds. One of the trends that emerged from this, and which is expected to continue into 2022, is designing for comfort.”

Think luxury textiles and bedding, plush pillows and comforting accessories, such as scented candles, photos of loved ones and favorite, beloved objects.

This also means that super-sized headboards are trendy in interior design, whether they’re paneled, upholstered or even painted on the wall.

2. Biophilic Design

Biophilia is about embracing nature and bringing in its elements. It has been a trend in architecture and interior design in recent years and continues to grow.

You can do this by using natural materials or designs inspired by nature, as well as incorporating plants, maximizing natural light or embracing natural ventilation.

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According to Wells, this trend is reflected in lighting, color palettes (green, brown and fall colors), choice of artwork, use of indoor plants and design inspired by natural shapes in bedroom decor.

“Curved shapes that mimic nature and fractal patterns are very trendy right now, and we see many people opting for materials with a natural look, as well as botanical and botanical-inspired colors,” adds Wells.

PG Bison explains that a fractal pattern is where a shape is repeated over and over, at different scales.

Bedroom Design Ideas
Bedroom decoration trends for 2022 | Image: Delivered

3. Personalization

While designers tend to keep spaces like bathrooms and kitchens fairly neutral, a bedroom is a more personal space.

There is room to show personality and to experiment with interior design.

“People are experimenting with bold patterns, colours, textures and wallpaper. A survey by The Company Store into 2022 trends found that a quarter of respondents under 40 chose bold patterns for their bedrooms.”

Wells also said there has been a steady growth in DIY design and that by 2022, more people will likely be experimenting with stencils, wallpaper, decals, paint effects and changing up their upholstery as they enjoy the opportunity to make their space their own. .

He recommends mixing and matching furniture. So, instead of one matching bedroom suite and/or pattern, let your personality shine through by coordinating different yet complementary designs, shapes and patterns.

“For example, we see designers opting for a neutral or pastel color and accentuating it with a woodgrain or stone finish, as well as mixing matte, carrot and gloss finishes.”

4. Multifunctional furniture

Covid-19 saw a massive resurgence in multi-purpose spaces and furniture as more people worked from home.

This trend has continued to some extent in 2022.

“In the bedroom, it might mean adding a desk, vanity or dressing area with outlets for chargers and a desk lamp, both in your own bedroom and in your guest bedroom.

This can be used for working as well as for preparation.

When making your interior purchases, invest in high-quality cabinets to provide ample storage space so that the work clutter or your accessories can be neatly stored after use.

5. Paneling

Responding to the trend towards luxury and personalization, the trend is towards panel walls and cabinets. This modern update of a nostalgic look is used on walls, instead of headboards and on cabinets.

Wells says paneling adds a sense of luxury to a room and can range from a subtle design element to a bold statement element.

“We see paneling as a decorative element in bedrooms, living spaces and even offices. Some people opt for a traditional look, such as MDF panels of cardboard and slats on walls or vertical slats, and others have completely modernized the idea by using geometric shapes or asymmetrical designs.”

Now that shelves are available in such realistic designs, homeowners and interior designers can choose panels in matching, contrasting or natural material finishes, such as wood grain or even aged metal.

interior design ideas
Bedroom and Bathroom Decor Trends for 2022 | Image: Delivered

6. Conscious consumption

“Consumers are becoming more aware of how their purchasing decisions can affect everything from their environmental footprint to the local economy, and are adjusting their buying behavior accordingly,” Wells said.

“There is a shift towards supporting local designers and manufacturers and towards a more conscious design that takes into account long-term sustainability ideas.”

This is also reflected in a revival in the market for vintage or second-hand furniture, handmade decors and crafts, DIY products and locally sourced and manufactured raw materials.

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