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Six ways to keep boredom at bay while shedding the load

With the ongoing load reduction, people have been scratching their heads about how long this dilemma will last and there has been an affected movement to get things done – like cooking – before Eskom takes what clearly isn’t ours – Electricity.

What matters most, though, is what follows after the blackout.

After you’ve cooked yourself a hot meal and probably fully charged your phone, then what? How do you spend your two to four hours on load shedding

In the midst of all that is happening in the world, the last thing we want to do is take up space in our lives, shedding the charge.

Which then can take a toll on us as electricity is a necessity in our daily routine.

While there may be limited things to do during a blackout; but as long as you have something to do, you may not even feel the terrifying four hours without electricity.

A question did the rounds on social media: what do you do to entertain yourself while loading and unloading?

The most common answer was: sleep.

It came as no surprise, as most rely on electricity to keep themselves entertained.

Things like playing the latest Play Station five (PS5) game or streaming ‘The Wife’ on Showmax, all these need electricity to work, and for wifi to work, you also need a better network, but with tax shedding, it’s practically back to the 1800s.

Others stated that they write music or listen to music.

A little dancing here and there can help you forget the load shedding saga.

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6 ways to keep boredom at bay while shedding the load:

1. Be one with nature

Grab a blanket/towel and probably a few snacks nibble on; and put them on the grass. Listen to birdsong, car movements or let your imagination run wild by admiring clouds.

If it’s nighttime, grab a torch and admire the moon, the stars, or maybe send signals to our friends in space.

2. Knowledge is power

Read that book you’ve been putting off for weeks, whether it’s a hardcopy or PDF.

If you’re reading an eBook, don’t forget to charge your phone.

Girl lying in bed with her little brown dog under blanket with flashlight and reading a book late at night

3. Binge on movie or series

If you have a device, such as a laptop or smartphone, and you downloaded movies before the tax was turned off, host a movie night.

This is a perfect opportunity to catch up on all the series you missed this week.

4. Sleep

Take a nap so you wake up refreshed.

By getting enough sleep, you reduce the chance of getting sick and maintaining a healthy weight; and you will also reduce your stress.

5. Connect With Loved Ones: “Live, Laugh, Love”

Play board games – monopoly can be great to get that competitive side of you too.

If you don’t have games, run through memory with your family or talk about your recent events.

Family playing chess together at home in the living room at home

And last but not least…

6. Get that workout in

Since January you said to start exercising, your vision board has probably picked up dust because you neglected your goal.

So do those workouts while shedding the load — Cardio can do it.

There are tons of training videos on YouTube, don’t forget to charge your phone and save your YouTube videos offline.

Curvy woman doing workout morning routine outside in the city park – Focus on face

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