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State Capture: Zondo Commission Denies Van Rooyen’s Claims on Rule 3.3 Notice

The State Capture Commission, chaired by acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, has refuted former Finance Minister Des van Rooyen’s claims against the commission’s first report handed over to President Cyril Ramaphosa in January.

Van Rooyen wrote to the committee about some of the allegations leveled against him in the report, which deals with the… South African Airways Soc Limited (SAA) and its subsidiaries.

“We refer in particular to the evidence of Dr. Dahwa at the Commission with regard to Mr Van Rooyen. Paragraph 264 states that Dr. Dahwa stated that Mr Van Rooyen explained that the Mkonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) wanted to do business with SAA and in particular regarding two contracts, namely the provision of security and the contract extension of Amadeus…” reads the letter.

“We would like to record that our instructions are that Mr Van Rooyen has not received a Rule 3.3 notice from the Commission regarding the evidence of Dahwa, in which he was involved.”

The committee released a statement on Monday refuting Van Rooyen’s claims.

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“Last week, Mr Des Van Rooyen gave interviews to TV channels and newspapers complaining that the Commission made findings against him in Part I of its report based on Dr. Dahwa’s evidence without giving him a Rule 3.3 meant. notice regarding the evidence of Dr. Dahwa,” the statement reads.

“To this end, Mr Van Rooyen has demanded that the Commission withdraw its findings against him based on Dr Dahwa’s evidence.

“The Commission’s response to Mr Des Van Rooyen’s complaint is simple and straightforward… Van Rooyen was notified of Rule 3.3 regarding the affidavit of Dr. dahwa.

“The notice and affidavit of Dr. Dahwa were emailed to Mr Van Rooyen’s email address, which he still uses as his email address. Attached to this statement are the Rule 3.3 notice and the affidavit of Dr. Dahwa as sent to Mr. Des Van Rooyen at the relevant time… Van Rooyen has been served a Rule 3.3. notice and he has chosen not to respond to the notice of Rule 3.3.”

The Commission said it had done nothing wrong.

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