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Stroke Survivor Motivated to Become an Entrepreneur – Here’s Her Story

Elzette Human suffered a stroke in 2012 – it started her quest for better and healthier water and led her to become an entrepreneur.

The stroke was due to acidosis, a disease caused by inflammation and acid buildup in the body, and alkaline powder was unable to cure her condition.

Little did she know that her quest for better and healthier water would lead her to become an entrepreneur.

From stroke survivor to entrepreneur

When Human found the Lotus Glow ionized alkaline spring water in 2015, she never looked back. She was determined to help other people and grow her business.

As her business grew exponentially, Human became an advocate and educator, teaching people about the importance of good quality drinking water.

“Ionized alkaline spring water reduces and lowers the risk of disease. Once you get started, you can enjoy drinking good quality, good quality water that is good for the body,” she said.

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Explained Human: “Ionized alkaline spring water is the opposite of acidic water, with a higher pH (potential for hydration) than regular bottled water and much better quality water.

“In our processing, unwanted particles are removed by microfiltration, making our water 99.9% pure.

“The water is then infused with trace amounts of electrolytes, not just for flavor, but to better complement the body’s natural mix.

“Ionization removes bitter-tasting acid ions, creating supercharged alkaline well water with a pH of 9.5 or higher.

Importance of quality water

“Drinking the ‘right water’ is very important for the cells, tissues and organs in the body. Staying well hydrated is necessary for every bodily function.

“Drinking clean, non-chemical water is what keeps the body hydrated and healthy for longer.”

Human, who grew up in eastern Johannesburg, said she’d done enough research on water for her “own personal healing journey.”

“I found that the water I bought was doing nothing for my well-being; I remained thirsty and sick until I found functional water,” Human said.

She added: “Your hydration has to be functional for your well-being and this is all based on the source and process of the water you buy.

“There are so many types of bottled water on the market, but finding the right one is going to be a challenge.”

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With huge demand for Lotus Glow Water in Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and other parts of Europe, she said the brand would expand in the coming years.

The global market cap for functional waters was $12.86 billion in 2020, and the market is expected to grow to $22.97 billion by 2028.

“My company is working very hard to achieve and be a part of that growth by educating as many South Africans as possible that the water you buy and drink should have a function.

“Normal bottled water, which in many cases is found through taps, has no absolute function for the human body — it causes damage to your body from chemicals added to the tap water purification process,” Human said.

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