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The creator of TikTok that unites the diverse people of SA

When 23-year-old Thami Hopewell Nkambule takes a Sunday stroll through the streets of Pretoria, even African uncles taking out the trash stop to ask if he’s the funny man from TikTok. Also known as iHope, Nkambule has over 330,000 followers on TikTok, with over five million likes, and that’s counting. @ihopeofficial69 monkey up his sleeve sounds able-bodied:thinking_face: #tiktoksa #viral #meme #snaaks #fknarmy #ihopenation ♬ original sound – iHope Official His journey on social media started at the beginning of the lockdown in 2020, when he posted African videos, with clever puns and puns about the daily battle…

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