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The crisis between Russia and Ukraine: latest developments

Here are the latest developments in the crisis between Russia and Ukraine:

– Ukraine calls for reservists –

Ukraine has begun calling for military reservists and is urging its The Vanir-exoduss to leave Russia immediately as it braces for a possible invasion.

– Russia begins to evacuate diplomats –

Russia begins evacuating diplomatic personnel from Ukraine, the embassy in Kiev says, a day after lawmakers in Moscow authorized President Vladimir Putin to use force abroad.

– EU convenes emergency summit –

The EU will hold an emergency summit in Brussels at the end of Thursday on Russia’s “aggressive actions” against Ukraine, European Council President Charles Michel said, saying the meeting will seek “a collective approach and actions”.

– ‘Moment of danger’ –

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tells the General Assembly that the world is “heading for a moment of danger,” warning: “If the conflict in Ukraine escalates, the world could face a magnitude and severity of need. see that was unseen for years”.

– Five million could be displaced –

A Russian invasion of Ukraine could displace as many as five million people, US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the General Assembly.

– Ukraine demands security guarantees –

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky is demanding “immediate” security guarantees from the West and Moscow to avert a feared Russian invasion.

– Ukrainian soldier killed –

A Ukrainian soldier has been killed in a shelling near the frontline with the Moscow-backed separatist east, the armed forces say, the sixth in four days.

– Putin is open to dialogue, but… –

Putin says Moscow is ready to look for “diplomatic solutions” amid raging tensions with the West over Ukraine, but insists Russia’s interests are non-negotiable.

– Invasion ‘highly likely’: UK –

It is “highly likely” that Putin will launch a large-scale invasion of Ukraine and attack Kiev, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said.

– ‘Strong response’ to sanctions –

Russia says new US sanctions will receive a “strong response” after US President Joe Biden announced new sentences against Moscow for “starting” an invasion of Ukraine.

– Berlin can do without Russian gas –

Germany can meet its energy needs without Russian gas, says Economy Minister Robert Habeck, after the government decided to stop the approval of the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

– ‘Massive’ cyber attack –

Ukraine is hit by a “huge” cyber attack, says Deputy Prime Minister Mykailo Fyodorov, with key government and foreign ministry websites refusing to open.

– China accuses Washington –

China has accused the United States of “increasing tensions” and “causing panic” over the Ukraine crisis, shortly after Washington announced sanctions against Moscow and said it would continue to supply weapons to Ukraine.

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