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The importance of document management

Document management is how your company manages, stores and tracks electronic documents.

Document management imposes controls and management capabilities on documents, so when you need to use these documents, you can.

Document management systems range from small systems to large-scale configurations for an international audience. Document management systems provide a means to electronically record standard physical document filing practices.

How works? The Document Warehouse help with document management?

The Document Warehouse (TDW) recognizes the importance of this practice, which is why we use advanced electronic document management software (EDMS) to provide effective document management solutions.

EDMS technology manages data capture, document scanning and record retrieval.

4 facts about The Document Warehouse’s electronic document management systems:

  1. TDW offers numerous electronic document management systems. These systems are accessible in a hosted environment, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure.
  2. The Document Warehouse EDMS includes an onsite file management system that can manage and track your physical documents through a user-friendly interface. It also works to move inactive files to an external storage facility, eliminating the cost of capturing data at a storage facility.
  3. Documents are tracked using unique barcodes and document status is updated every time a document is added, moved, retrieved, boxed, or shipped to another location for efficient retrieval.
  4. Various file types such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. also come with an integrated document imaging module.

Feel free to contact The Document Warehouse for more information about document management services and to request a comparative quote.

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