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The Wife viewers can’t get enough |

Even though fans of Showmax’s inspired version of Hlomu the woman book series are disappointed with season two, the feelings are not the same for the sex scenes between Zandile and Nkosana.

The latest episodes of Zandile: the resolute streamed from Thursday and the lead actors Zandile, played by Khanyi Mbau, and Nkosana (Mondli Makhoba), followed their promise to pay for Nomusa’s son’s reconstructive surgery after he suffered a spinal cord injury.

Nomusa (Lerato Mvelase) is the woman who took Zandile’s place in prison after she escaped.

Nkosana informed Nomusa that they had decided to donate R1 million to her family and build a house for her mother for her sacrifice.

Nomusa swore never to spill, but when “The Commissioner” visited her in prison and threatened her life, she did so anyway.

He seeks revenge for his wife’s death at the hands of Mandisa, bound to the Zulu brothers. Nomusa told the commissioner how she took Zandile’s place in exchange for her son’s surgery.

After taking the reins as chief of the taxi rank, Nqoba enjoys his new role, but expressed concern about stealing taxis in his brothers’ queue.

Ngoba thinks someone is trying to undermine his leadership.

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The season one love story between Mqhele and Hlomu continues to take a dark turn. They visited a sangoma, because Mqhele asked for a cleansing ritual for his wife so that the tragedy in which Hlomu miscarried as a result of Mqhele’s physical abuse will never happen again.

Mqhele also questioned the baby’s paternity after Hlomu had an affair with Sandile, but the sangoma confirmed that the child is a Zulu.

The much discussed sex scene was extremely explicit, as both actors, Nkosana and Zandile were naked, while the camera angles showed the couple doing all sorts of sex positions, including “doggy style” and missionary.

South African TV viewers are considered conservative when it comes to love scenes, which is why it surprised many how explicit it was.

Viewers react to Zandile and Nkosana’s sex scene:

In the last three episodes, Zandile’s past came back to haunt her as one of her cellmates Buli, tracked her down to ask her a favor for knowing her secret.

Buli wanted Zandile to ship 25 kilos of cocaine to Durban without the police tracking it down. Zandile swore this would be her last job.

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