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This small affordable electric car with a 16-month waiting period is making a comeback

Electric cars may not be the majority when it comes to volumes. But that could change within this decade. The biggest contributors are expected to be low-cost small electric cars. One of those cars is the Volkswagen e-up. The name fits the size of the car. Volkswagen had stopped selling the car due to an excess of demand. So much so that Volkswagen claimed to have registered a 16-month waiting period. Also read – Electric cars from Ford to India? What we know so far

Now the company has started to resell it in markets around the world. Also read – Ratan Tata takes delivery of electric Tata Nano. But can you also buy one?

Volkswagen claims that its electric car had become a bestseller in recent years, extending delivery times up to 16 months. Volkswagen then temporarily stopped taking new orders for the mini-car at the end of 2020. Also read – MG ZS EV 2022: See photos of the electric car launching this month

While the orders were not taken, Volkswagen continued production through 2021. In Germany, the car model has become the second best-selling electric vehicle. The company claims to have delivered 30,800 vehicles in a year.

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Now that the order book has been successfully processed, the model from the segment under the famous ID.3 is again available to order in Germany and will gradually be rolled out in other European markets. Volkswagen claims that more than 80,000 of this model have been sold worldwide,

To date, more than 80,000 units of this vehicle model have been sold worldwide. In Germany, it was ranked second in 2021 for all-electric vehicles with the latest registrations.

What does Volkswagen offer e-up?

The Style Plus has a powertrain that produces 61 kW or 83 hp. The maximum range is up to 258 kilometers. Despite its small size, the car offers a high torque of 210 Nm.

The charging time of the 32.2 kWh battery system (with 40 kW DC charging power) is 60 minutes to charge 80 percent. With alternating current, an 80 percent charge with a power of 7.2 kW takes just over four hours. The price of the car in Germany is 26,895 Euros (approximately Rs 22.73,000) including VAT. The country also offers a deduction of 9,570 Euros (about Rs 8 lakh), which significantly reduces the overall price. †

The car gets fast charging, lane assistant, Lane Departure Warning system, Climatronic air conditioning, multifunction steering wheel and 15-inch alloy wheels.

Unfortunately, there is no news about the car’s launch in India. However, Volkswagen will ramp up its EV production in the coming years to reach its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. The company has sold more than half a million all-electric vehicles worldwide.

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