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This year’s bra trends are wool, backless styles and diamonds

Though shunned during covid lockdowns, bras remain a must-have in women’s closets, with trends evolving with the seasons. And in both lingerie and fashion, consumers seem to have been influenced in recent months by a drive for authenticity – with materials inspired by nature – and by television shows, leading in particular to the return of the corset.

Though overshadowed by fashion trends, lingerie trends are no less important, if only to chart the evolution of the industry, as well as the changing habits of consumers around the world.

The British lingerie brand Pour Moi has revealed the key lingerie trends for 2022, derived from analyzing various data sources, including Google searches, TikTok data, and internal sales data, compared to year over year.

Looking at the results, it seems that lingerie follows the same broad pattern as ready-to-wear, with women increasingly opting for authentic materials and functional shapes – two key trends – with the occasional micro-trends inspired by Y2K, TV shows, fashion icons and… an ever-increasing need to bring some sparkle to life.

Comfort and usability

Many studies have shown that during the pandemic, women lost interest in bras, desiring to free themselves from some form of coercion. While the return to normal life has partially enabled people to reconnect with this lingerie item, it has not been without change.

The Pour Moi brand notes a recent craze for the functionality and comfort of backless bras (+91% searches) — styles that reveal the back and provide support at the front — as well as bralettes (+67%), padded bras with no backs. braces that can be worn under an outfit or as clothing.

In the same vein, and always looking for comfort, women are increasingly turning to bra tops (+59%). These styles provide comfort and a stylish touch to an outfit, for example with a blazer over jeans, sweatpants or skirt. In another style, the corset-type bra (+28%) is also gaining ground, brought out by the hit Netflix show ‘Bridgerton’.

Wool and knitted bras

In terms of materials, cotton, silk and lace seem to have lost ground, or nearly so, as consumers turn more to materials straight from their grandmother’s closets.

This is evidenced by the growing interest in knitted bras (+49%), as worn by Katie Holmes on the streets of New York, albeit almost three years ago. The American actress chose to go out with a visible bra and matching vest. A look that went viral and caused a huge craze for this type of lingerie.

Surprisingly, women are interested in wool bras (+38%), a material that is not always so common in lingerie. Lace (+25%) and cotton (+16%) are still in the game, but other materials emerge as contenders, such as diamonds (+17%), denim (+13%) and leather (+12%) . All this shows that bras are no longer limited to their primary function – support – but are now gradually becoming fashion pieces in their own right.

Cult status for Regina George

The Pour Moi brand went on to review the most famous bras. And it’s Regina George, aka Rachel McAdams, who tops that list, nearly 18 years after the release of the “Mean Girls” movie, in which she wears a tank top with holes in it and reveals her bra underneath (3,530 annual searches) .

In second place comes Katy Perry with her iconic cream dispenser bra in the music video ‘California Gurls’ (1880 annual searches), followed by Princess Leia’s metallic bra (1250 annual searches).

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