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Thunderbird 78.10.2 comes with resolved security issues and fixed bugs

Thunderbird is Mozilla’s free email client for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It is a project of the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the US. The latest version is 78.10.2, and it is now available for download.

Mozilla has released Thunderbird 78.10.2, and it comes with security fixes and new features.

Thunderbird has been experiencing security issues and a number of bugs in recent versions, and the release of version 78.10.2 has been eagerly anticipated. For those that want to continue using Thunderbird, it’s worth checking out this release.

The email application Thunderbird has received a new stable version 78.10.2. It includes bug fixes and also addresses some low-level security issues. There are also some usage improvements. Thunderbird is my favorite e-mail program. I use this application on every PC and operating system I use. It is stable, contains all necessary features, supports add-ons and comes with a handy RSS reader. I have been using Thunderbird for years and have never felt the need to look for an alternative. Thunderbird 78 no longer supports the classic XUL add-ons, but does include some of their features from the beginning. In Windows, for example, you can minimize an application on the taskbar.

What’s new in Thunderbird 78.10.2

Security patches

  • CVE-2021-29957 (BELOW): Partial protection of an embedded OpenPGP message is not specified If a MIME-encrypted message contains an embedded signed or encrypted portion of an OpenPGP message, but also an additional unsecured portion, Thunderbird does not indicate that only certain portions of the message are protected.
  • CVE-2021-29956 (BOTTOM) : OpenPGP secret keys stored in Thunderbird without master password protection OpenPGP secret keys imported with Thunderbird versions 78.8.1 through 78.10.1 were stored unencrypted on the user’s local hard drive. Master password protection was inactive for these keys. Version 78.10.2 restores the protection mechanism for newly imported keys and automatically protects imported keys with the corresponding versions of Thunderbird.

Other fixes in this release fix a number of bugs found in previous versions of the application related to the application’s address book, add-on manager, calendar and user interface.

New functions

  • Added support for importing OpenPGP keys without a primary secret key
  • The extension manager displays a settings icon for email extensions that include an options page.


  • OpenPGP messages with a high compression rate (more than 10x) could not be decrypted
  • The selected OpenPGP key was lost after opening the Key Properties dialog box in the account settings.
  • Some OpenPGP user IDs could not be processed.
  • Various improvements to OpenPGP partial encryption callbacks
  • The troubleshooting information page did not display control labels under macOS
  • The buttons on the email toolbar were too large when icons and text were displayed.

Finally, the release notes do not address known issues.

Download Thunderbird

Thunderbird users should eventually receive the update automatically via the built-in update mechanism. To update it manually, choose Menu > Help > About Thunderbird to open the About dialog box and run an update check. The application should then download and install the latest available version. You can also download the application manually from the official website: Download Thunderbird The release notes are available here. Please support us. Winaero is really counting on your support. You can help the site continue to provide you with interesting and useful content and software by using these options:

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