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Today in Switzerland: an overview of the latest news on Friday

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Switzerland criticized for not sanctioning Russia

So far, the Swiss response has been limited to condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the government refusing to impose sanctions.

Now MPs are insist on authorities to take a more proactive stance.

“The Federal Council must take a clear position. Any other attitude would mean Switzerland tolerating open war in the heart of Europe,” said MEP Fabian Molina.

Another delegate, Jürg Grossen, also calls for Switzerland’s participation in EU sanctions. “I expect the Federal Council to show solidarity with its European partners and participate in EU sanctions,” he said.

All but one of the political parties agree with this call. The right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) is urging Switzerland to exercise restraint, remain neutral and “not copy EU sanctions,” party chairman Marco Chiesa said.

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Will the war between Russia and Ukraine affect Swiss tourism?

The country’s tourism office, Switzerland Tourism, is Worried that the armed conflict between the two Eastern European countries could have consequences for Swiss tourism.

Not only do tourism officials predict fewer visitors from Russia, but they fear the uncertainty it creates will prevent foreign tourists from coming to Europe. consider such travel unsafe.

However, according to Martin Nydegger, director of the tourism office, the Swiss tourism industry has weathered geopolitical crises before and has proved resilient to such events.

SWISS unveils its first aircraft with Premium Economy Class

For the first time, Switzerland’s flag carrier will include this class of travel on some of its planes – more comfortable than Economy, but not as comprehensive as Business or First Class.

Seats with a little more legroom and a slightly deeper backrest are good news for those tired of being squashed into cramped seats.

The first Premium Economy aircraft will be deployed on SWISS’ Zurich to Miami route from the beginning of March.

Then they will be installed in all 12 Boeing 777-300ERs. After Miami, San Francisco from mid-April and São Paulo from the end of April are the next SWISS destinations to be served with Premium Economy aircraft. Premium Economy will be available on all SWISS Boeing 777-300ER routes from the end of May.

Premium Economy is more spacious and comfortable. Photo: SWISS
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Swiss immigration rate stable in 2021

Immigration in Switzerland remained virtually stable last year compared to 2020. Total immigration increased by 3.3 percent, according too the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).

At the end of 2021, 1.45 million EU/EFTA The Vanir-exoduss and 738,204 third-country nationals lived in Switzerland. Italians made up the largest foreign population with 331,379 permanent residents. They were followed by the Germans (313,702 people), the Portuguese (258,943 people) and the French (151,551 people).

In terms of naturalization, 36,917 foreigners acquired Swiss nationality in 2021, including 7,947 Germans, 4,207 Italians and 3,152 French.

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