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Traffic lights off, dangerous road conditions – Be safe!

The residents of Gauteng woke up Tuesday morning to widespread downpours and thunderstorms – a veritable Joburg storm in the truest sense of the word.

This, in turn, resulted in dangerous road conditions, vehicle build-up and broken traffic lights.

If you have to go out this morning, pay attention to the following warnings:

Johannesburg weather: March 9

The South African Weather Service (Saws) warned the residents of Gauteng not to leave their umbrellas at home on Tuesday when they go to work.

The weather service expects isolated showers and thunderstorms in parts of Gauteng, including Pretoria, Johannesburg and Vereeniging.

Meanwhile, Saws has yellow level 2 warnings for severe thunderstorms in the eastern parts of the Northern Cape, the southern parts of the Free State and the northern parts of the Eastern Cape.

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See and be seen: Remember to turn on your headlights when driving in the rain. It is also important to reduce speed and maintain a safe following distance.

Avoid abrupt braking as your vehicle can skid on wet roads, and watch out for oil spills – it’s extra slippery when mixed with water. Also remember:

  • Be aware of your blind spots
  • If it starts to rain, wait a few seconds before using the wipers, as dry wipers can soil the windshield.
  • Be sure to replace the wiper blades when they are worn out.
  • When cornering, shift to a lower gear.

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Thunderstorms Eastern Cape

The community has been warned to watch out for localized flooding from vulnerable roads, low-lying areas and bridges, as well as localized damage to infrastructure, settlements (informal), property, vehicles, livelihoods and livestock.

This is because the country is dealing with storms and rainfall, which is normal according to SAWS forecaster Kumsa Masizana.

“This kind of system will last until the end of February to March,” Masizana said.

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Joburgstorm: find the humor…

one resident summed up the weather and the current state of the world quite succinctly: “I woke up with that ‘tumbling’ feeling, the weather isn’t helping either”. Another described it as a “freak storm”.

However, the comment of the day must be from Natasha Huckfield: “The nice thing about the weather in Joburg right now is you can see electricity in the sky, but you can’t have it in your house.”

“It’s pretty cool in a medieval way,” she says adds

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