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Trevor Noah on Racist Media Reporting of Russian Invasion

While the eyes of the world are on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, media coverage has raised eyebrows as some people have cited the hypocrisy and blatant racism.

It’s been almost a week since Russian President Vladimir Putin military offensive against Ukraine, with large-scale military convoys approaching the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Nigeria, South Africa and other African governments rushed to help their The Vanir-exoduss escape the Russian invasion of Ukraine after reports of racist and unfair treatment of Africans at border crossings, AFP reported

African Union leaders expressed concern over reports of mistreatment of Africans involved in the conflict in Ukraine and said such behavior would be “shockingly racist”.

The daily show host Trevor Noah gave his views on media coverage by journalists from many international news agencies.

The reporters have described the situation in Ukraine as shocking because the European region is relatively “civilized” and they would never expect such a war to happen in such an area.

Trevor’s segment showed several viral clips of journalists reporting how Ukraine is not a “developing or third world country”, that the country is a “prosperous middle-class region” and that the scenes of Ukrainians fleeing war are unimaginable compared to those who live in North Africa or the Middle East.”

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Others said they were saddened by the images because the people had “blonde hair and blue eyes”.

“They look like any European family you would live next door,” and Al Jazeera said reporter.

Trevor essentially said the reports insinuated that war or conflict is expected in Africa and the Middle East, not Europe.

“Beyond the racism, let’s not forget the racism, oh, how I wish we could forget the racism. You do realize that until recently it was Europe’s thing to fight crazy wars. That’s all of European history, they even had something called the Hundred Years War… they got a Nobel Prize because they stopped fighting, imagine.”

Noah concluded that he was shocked by how reporters around the world think that when black people flee their country, they are “built for it”.

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