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Tshegofatso Pule’s family ready to heal as the process wraps up

The uncle of murdered mother-to-be Tshegofatso Pule says that while the trial of the alleged mastermind behind her brutal death proved a grueling experience for him and his family, he believes they can finally begin the healing process.

“It’s been a difficult journey, I’m not going to lie to you — emotionally, unnerving at some points,” Tumisang Katake told The Vanir-exodus yesterday after closing arguments in the case against Nthutuko Shoba, the father of Pule’s unborn baby and the man who is being killed. accused of ordering her murder.

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“But I think it was a journey the family had to go through to prepare for healing,” he added.

“It was not a pleasant experience, but it did help us get to the bottom of what happened… I think after everything that has been said in court, the picture is clear.”

Pule, 28, was found dead in Durban Deep in June 2020. The aspiring beautician had been shot in the chest and hung from a tree. She was eight months pregnant at the time.

Last year, Muzikayise Malephane, 32, confessed to the crime but said he was acting on the orders of Shoba, also 32, who had offered him R70,000 to kill Pule because he was married and did not want his wife to find out about their relationship .

Shoba was subsequently arrested and charged with murder and beating the trial himself. His trial finally began last month in the Johannesburg High Court and saw a total of 13 witnesses, including Malephane and Shoba, take the stand over the course of four weeks.

Shoba’s counsel, lawyer Norman Makhubela, tore into Malephane’s testimony in his closing statements and asked the court to disregard it in its entirety.

In court, Malephane testified that he picked up Pule from Shoba’s house on the pretext that he was an Uber driver and would take her home, but instead shot and killed her. In an initial statement to police — in which he now admits that he lied — Malephane placed Shoba at the scene of the crime, even claiming that he was the one who killed Pule.

Makhubela labeled Malephane a “self-confessed liar”. He also delved into Malephane’s own confessions of being a career criminal, driven by a love of money.

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Makhubela further argued that Shoba had led police to incriminating video footage of Malephane picking up Pule. Malephane was determined to take Shoba at all costs as a result – pointing to the threats he had made to have Shoba raped in prison.

“Malephane has not only shown an obsession with dealing with the accused because he believed the accused had betrayed him, he has also come across as intensely biased towards the accused,” Makhubela argued.

But state attorney Faghre Mohamed emphasized in Shoba’s testimony what he described as “quirks”.

Among these were Shoba’s claims that, although he usually arranged lifts to and from his home for Pule, she had made these arrangements herself on the night in question and his “failed to inquire as to why the deceased arranged her own transportation”, as well as his “not the need to go to her residence in order to establish her whereabouts in the days after her departure, even if he was near her residence more than once”.

Judgment was reserved.

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