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Tshwane adjustment budget adopted after DA-ActionSA standoff

Tshwane’s DA-led multi-party coalition voted Monday in favor of the subway’s adjustment budget submitted to the council.

This followed last-minute concessions from the DA after ActionSA threatened to vote against the budget, claiming it was anti-poor.

ActionSA National Chairman Michael Beaumont said the concessions include R20 million for the provision of rudimentary services to informal settlements to provide water and sanitation. Further commitments have also been made to increase the budget available for the relocation of informal settlements.

Hammanskraal water crisis

ActionSA had demanded that the adjustment budget address problems with contractors’ performance at the Rooiwal water treatment plant, the project dealing with the water crisis in Hammanskraal.

The DA promised to complete an investigation into the award of the tender for phase one of the project, which was awarded to a joint venture that included the controversial businessman, Edwin Sodic

There was a further commitment to scale up funding for phase two of the project for the next financial year starting in July 2022.

Victims of the Mamelodi Flood

The multiparty coalition has also made written commitments regarding the purchase of land for the victims of the floods in Mamelodi.

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The land is expected to house the residents of Hammanskraal whose homes were swept away during the floods that hit parts of Gauteng in 2019.

Beaumont said ActionSA was pleased that their input was being considered. But he said it was regrettable that the party had to decide not to support the budget first in order to be heard about their service demands.

“We will work with other political parties in the coalition to ensure better processes for submissions and commitments around fiscal inputs for fiscal year 2022/2023.

“During the process, we trust it will be understood that ActionSA has its own constituencies and its own manifesto, both of which should find respectable expression in the budgets and plans of our multi-party coalition budgets. If this is done for the benefit of the people of Tshwane, ActionSA will offer nothing less than our full support,” he said in a statement. statement

Meanwhile, DA Tshwane caucus chair Jacqui Uys said the party was proud of the coalition government’s good job in putting together the city’s first adjustment budget.

She said the budget would prioritize savings on key service services to accelerate the maintenance of critical infrastructure in water and electricity, fill potholes, repair street lighting and provide comprehensive urban management.

Uys emphasized that the adjustment budget is not affiliated with a specific political party and its manifesto points, but rather a budget that is aimed at all residents of Tshwane.

“The multi-party coalition will continue to engage in vigorous discussions and negotiations to ensure that the residents of Tshwane are prioritized and at the center of every decision-making process in the city at all times,” she said in a statement. statement

compiled by Thapelo Lekabe

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