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Two killed in shooting in Inanda

The bodies of two men shot during a drive-by shooting were discovered Saturday afternoon at a sugar cane plantation in Inanda, KwaZulu-Natal.

A motorist contacted Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) after seeing occupants of a white BMW open fire at a white Toyota Avanza carrying high-caliber guns.

“The caller informed the air traffic controller on duty that the Toyota Avanza was traveling from Inanda toward Verulam when the BMW overtook and opened fire,” the spokesman said. rusa spokesman Prem Balram.

He further explained that the Toyota Avanza had gone off the road and entered a sugar cane plantation. He could not confirm whether the occupants were injured and continued to drive because he was concerned for his safety.”

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Response officers and Rusa Medics were immediately dispatched to the indicated location.

Upon arrival, Reaction officers met with metropolitan officers.

Rescuers entered the reed bed and found the Toyota Avanza about 50 meters from the road.

“The vehicle had been shot at more than 20 times. There were no occupants in the vehicle. Two separate blood trails were noted leading in different directions further into the sugar cane,” Balram said.

Officers followed the blood trails and discovered the bullet-riddled bodies of two men. They died as a result of the shooting.

The motive for the murders has not been confirmed at this stage.


The occupants of this vehicle were shot. Image: Russia
Officers on the scene after drive-by shooting in Inanda. Photo: Rusa
The Avanza turned into a sugar cane plantation after the occupants of the BMW opened fire. Photo: Rusa
A shell casing was found at the scene. Photo: Rusa

compiled by Narissa Subramoney

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