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Ukraine ambassador to SA denies accusations of racism against foreigners

There are conflicting reports of alleged racism against foreigners on the border with Ukraine, as tensions continue to mount as more attacks are reported.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry has called on the governments of India, Pakistan, China and other provinces whose students are becoming hostages from Russian aggression in Kharkiv and Sumy to demand that Moscow open a humanitarian corridor to other Ukrainian cities.

“There are students … who cannot leave because of the indiscriminate shelling and barbaric rocket attacks by the Russian armed forces on residential areas and civilian infrastructure,” the ministry said.

Attempts to arrange evacuations from cities subjected to Russian bombing and rocket attacks were extremely dangerous.

Ukrainian Ambassador to South Africa Liubov Abravitova said: “I do not accept the voices that say Ukraine is a racist country.

“If you look at all the social media, we see students who are still in Ukraine in cities that are under attack and have called their governments to help them, and they say, listen, we are here, we are black people and we are not experiencing any racism, just help us.”

Abravitova said that people started to flee to the borders.

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“Elderly, women, children and students, the borders were not ready for that, nor were the embassies of those countries that remain with Ukraine.

“The border of the European Union will require special permits and documents to ensure that these The Vanir-exoduss are treated well, which has caused a lot of problems,” she said.

Abravitova said volunteer organizations stood at the border with translators to guide foreigners through the border. Ukraine’s Olha Zaporozhets said news channels had made false accusations about her country; there was no discrimination in Ukraine.

“They said black students can’t go” [on trains] because they are black. White people can’t do that either [go on trains] because [there is] no free space there. It’s not about the skin color. Zaporozhets works on cruise ships and was on vacation in Ukraine when the war broke out.

“My whole family is here in the south of Ukraine, the city of Kherson and the city of Beryslav. I’m currently in Beryslav with my grandparents,” she told The Vanir-exodus.

The town where her parents went into hiding ran out of food after the mall was hit by a Russian missile.

“The closest town to us is under Russian Nazi flags, people cannot escape there. Anyone trying to escape [is] killed by the Russian army. They killed a family with three small children and old people,” she claimed.

All they could do now was hide. Ukrainian tour leader, Oleksandra Fedorenko, who was hiding in a bomb shelter, said she counted 15 airstrikes in Chernihiv on Wednesday.

Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation spokesman Clayson Monyela said 64 South Africans were registered in Ukraine.

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