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Union pledges to continue protesting outside GP hospitals against outsourcing – The Vanir-exodus

The South African Cleaners, Security and Allied Workers’ Union has vowed to continue its industrial protest at Gauteng’s hospitals and call on the government to stop outsourcing to private security and cleaning companies.

This comes after at least 50 of Edenvale Hospital’s security and cleaning staff camped outside the hospital for 35 days in hopes that the hospital would consider hiring them so they can eventually return to work, or address their alleged outstanding debts. can receive salaries for September, October. and Nov 2021.

The workers, initially hired by a private security firm, Jackcliffy Trading, demanded that the hospital step in and hire them. They claim they were unfairly fired in December.

According to some guards, they were not fired, but were surprised one December morning when a new company had replaced them in the hospital.

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The union’s national organizer Andries Potsane said its members were tired of being exploited by private security companies and now wanted to work directly for Gauteng’s government.

“We ask the government or the Ministry of Health not to renew it [other] hiring service provider contracts and security guards,” he said.

“Our members are not paid on time, they have no UIF or provision funds and are not even paid under the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority. They don’t get bonuses at the end of the year.”

However, Jackcliffy Trading’s operations manager, Simon Mudau, said the people camping outside the hospital were no longer employed by them, had been paid in full and knew that the service provider’s contract had been terminated.

Requested for an arbitral award by the Commission on Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration (CCMA), Mudau denied any knowledge of any such hearing.

Nevertheless, according to a CCMA award, Jackcliffy Trading did not reimburse the group for September to November and the CCMA had been instructed to do so.

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