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USAf is open to assignments to help students from war-torn Ukraine

The organization Universities South Africa (USAf) says it is open to partnerships with education stakeholders to help students returning from war-torn Ukraine get internships at local universities.

CEO of USAf Professor Ahmed Bawa told the news channel NewzroomAfrica that if there were opportunities to assist students with internships, they should be explored despite the fact that higher education institutions have just completed their intake for that year.

“Universities just went through the space-filling process, and this year there were about 210,000 places available for freshmen… and students already in the system,” Bawa says.

“We have no idea what kind of programs the students study in Ukraine and how that aligns with what’s available here.

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“We will have to start with a large collection of information to try to understand what the needs are and then talk with the universities with the education and training department to determine what is possible.

“Obviously, if there’s any opportunity to bring the students here into higher education, we need to do it because they’ve suffered a lot, been placed in traumatic circumstances, and we’d like to respond to that as positively as we can.”

Higher education faces a mammoth task in terms of student intake as more than 800,000 students received their matric results in January.

The 2021 matric class overall pass rate registered 76.4%, an improvement of 0.2%.

A total of 256,031 students obtained a bachelor’s degree, an increase compared to the previous year.

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