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Victims of Paul Kennedy’s Child Sex Ring Have Yet to Get Justice

Activist organization Women and Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA) has urged the state to use all its resources to ensure that victims in the alleged child sex ring case against noted senior attorney Paul Kennedy get the justice they deserved.

Kennedy passed away on Monday. The cause of his death has not been confirmed.

After Kennedy’s death, WMACA’s Miranda Jordan-Friedman said they expect the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to ensure the remaining cases involving Kennedy would run seamlessly.

According to WMACA, the 63-year-old lawyer who has faced more than 700 charges of rape, assault and possession of child pornography has left a trail of victims who will not see him held accountable for the atrocities he allegedly committed against them. to commit. †

“The seriousness of the crimes he is accused of, the abuse of power that seemed obvious given his social and legal standing, could not be overlooked as a tool to commit these crimes,” the organization said.

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“This will undoubtedly have a huge psychosocial impact on the victims who are waiting for this case to start. The suspect had not yet pleaded in court.”

Jordan-Friedman also said the co-defendant, who also had not yet pleaded to court, had been identified in another pending sexual assault case pending before the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court.

Kennedy and his co-defendants were ordered by the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg to be tested for HIV after one of the complainants in the rape case against them tested positive for the virus.

However, the NPA said it was uncertain at this stage what would happen to the case as the authority could not comment until evidence, such as a copy of the death certificate, had been presented in court.

“We have not confirmed with his family or close friends, in terms of any updates we should receive from prosecutors on the case,” the NPA’s Bulelwa Makeke said.

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Meanwhile, according to the latest indictment, Kennedy and his co-defendants are facing more than 700 charges between the two, including hundreds of counts related to child pornography, multiple counts of rape, sexual assault and human trafficking.

The lawyer was charged with three separate cases of rape and “forced rape”, alleging that he forced one of the victims to have intercourse with an unknown person while he watched.

He was also charged with four counts of assault, charges of forced assault, child sexual exploitation, child sexual care, benefiting from the services of a child who is a victim of human trafficking, financing and monitoring or organizing the human trafficking victim.

The co-defendant also faces hundreds of charges related to wrongful possession of child pornography, with 253 videos found on his cellphone and another 386 images on his laptop, the state said.

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