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WATCH: Migrants clash with Dudula Movement members in Alexandra

Businesses were disrupted in Alexandra’s Pan African Mall on Monday when community members identifying themselves as the Dudula movement raided the place looking for migrant workers and shop owners who lacked valid paperwork.

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Since then, there have been reports of clashes between migrants and residents and videos have surfaced of shops being forced to close on social media.

Although the Dudula Movement Reportedly a separate organization from Operation Dudula, which has held protest marches against foreign workers in the recent past, there was a clear trend between the two.

Earlier this year, members of “Operation Dudula” targeted street vendors from their booths at taxi ranks and around Soweto, Hillbrow and other areas around Joburg.

Police have yet to comment on the matter, spokesman Colonel Brenda Muridili told The The Vanir-exodus that detailed information was still being collected.

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