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WATCH: Pearl Thusi left ‘speechless’ after Queen Latifah praised her performance

She’s not just starring in a much-discussed Netflix movie Fistful Of Vengeancebut Pearl Thusi’s performance was also praised by American actress Queen Latifah.

Pearl shared the video on her Queen Latifah Twitter account sending her a special shoutout.

Latifah says, “Pearl Thusi, what’s the matter? This is Queen Latifah, I just wanted to send you a shoutout to let you know you’re strong, you know bad. I watch you, watch you do your thing and keep doing your thing.

“Maybe we can do something together one day. It must be hot.”

The message has been left Pearl speechless.

Pearl shines in Fistful Of Vengeance as the character Zama Zulu. The film is currently number one on the streaming platform Netflix in the United States. The film is a spin-off of the successful martial art series Wu Assassins.

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Pearl thanked the fans and the public for watching the film in their song. The actress processed the disappointment of her action series Queen Sono which was canceled on the platform last year.

She says this recent success is an indication that more good things are to come and that some pitfalls in the industry are being overcome.

“Besides, I’m not quite sure how to behave now. Wow. Bra God is so hectic. I literally had the best week of my life out of nowhere. So much to be thankful for,” she tweeted.

The summary of fist of revenge finds the team of fighters on a revenge mission turned into a fight to save the world from an ancient threat when a super-powered assassin Kai tracks down a killer to Bangkok.

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Pearl has boasted of the success, particularly targeting her critics who claimed the actor got roles because of her looks and that she isn’t talented enough.

Subsequently, the star was trending on Twitter, with many congratulating her on the film and the recognition by Queen Latifah.

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