A League of Their Own on Prime Video is the best new show on TV — screw the review bombers

Reboot sales can be difficult. Having said that, I urge you all to watch A League of Their Own on Prime Video.

Although the new series isn't flawless (I'll discuss its one major flaw, storyline juggling, later), this past weekend I had the best type of contemporary streaming experience with it.

I intended to advance For All Mankind more over the weekend. However, after seeing a few encouraging tweets about A League of Their Own (and having seen the first movie), I decided to give it a shot.

Then, viewing the pilot accidentally evolved into binge-watching. I went from being irritated

A League of Their Own's absence from the home screen to watching the entire eight-hour first season in less than a day.

It is a narrative of women coming together as a team and overcoming challenges in a male-dominated culture, and both the cast and the writing are strong.

Even though GLOW was cancelled by Netflix, it may have been for the best. As a result, A League of Their Own was able to hit a couple home runs.

The first episode of A League of Their Own drew me over almost immediately. The series' star and co-creator, Abbi Jacobson, who plays Carson Shaw, starts off by playing.