Cate Blanchett’s ‘Tár’ Earns Ecstatic 6-Minute Standing Ovation in Venice, Generating Instant Oscar Buzz

Todd Field's drama "Tár," starring Cate Blanchett as a great composer entangled in a public controversy, opened

the 79th Venice Film Festival and the fall Oscar campaign on Thursday afternoon.

The Sala Grande Theatre crowd continued to yell "Bravo!" as the movie received an exuberant six-minute standing ovation.

Blanchett took a bow while holding the hand of festival director Alberto Barbera, but the applause persisted and intensified.

Let's get a drink, Blanchett remarked to someone on her staff when the applause finally came to a stop.

In fact, Blanchett's performance in "Tár" is expected to be one of the most praised ones of the Oscar season.

The positive reviews for the movie almost assure Blanchett of receiving her seventh acting nomination for an Oscar.

Focus Features' "Tar," which will hit cinemas on November 7, generated a lot of buzz even before it debuted.