Despite the wigs, House Of The Dragon's ratings continue to climb

Be advised: In these United States, the pull of well-known intellectual property is still quite strong. 

The chance to go into the past of a recently completed blockbuster fantasy saga is too tempting for audiences to pass up.

So forget any fears that HBO Max's slow-motion implosion or a reduction in quality will make people less interested in seeing more of those unhappy monarchs of Westeros.

After all, misery enjoys company, and company also enjoys House Of The Dragon.

A costly Game Of Thrones prequel that doesn't even freakin' star Jamie Lannister, House Of The Dragon, had more than 10 million viewers for its HBO premiere.

The public might still understand how the Targaryens lost control of the Seven Kingdoms, despite the lack of Lannisters.

10.2 million people, an increase of 2%, watched the second episode of House of the Dragon, according to Deadline.

An enormous audience for that brief sight of a large farting butt in the series premiere, according to HBO, with more than 25 million viewers in the first week.