Horatio Sanz Accuser Claims Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels and Tracy Morgan Enabled Sex Assault

Horatio Sanz, a former "SNL" cast member, is being sued by a woman for sexual assault.

On Tuesday, the woman requested permission from the court to add Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels, and Tracy Morgan as defendants, claiming that they condoned Sanz's behaviour.

Jane Doe, the lady, claims that Sanz "groomed" her when she was a teen watcher of the programme. 

She further claims that in May 2002, during a party, when she was 17 years old, Sanz kissed her, propositioned her, and made an effort to digitally penetrate her.

She brought a lawsuit in August 2021 in accordance with a state provision that gave victims of child sex abuse a two-year "lookback window" to submit claims.

that would otherwise be time-barred by the statute of limitations. A two-year lookback period was recently added to New York City's own statute, allowing victims to sue anyone who permitted.

The complaint claims that from 2000 to 2002, the accused and her adolescent friends frequently went to "SNL" after-parties.

According to the lawsuit, she would drink at these gatherings with Fallon and Sanz, and when Fallon allegedly asked her age, she replied that she was a junior in high school.