‘Last Week Tonight’ Host John Oliver Calls HBO Max “a Series of Tax Write-Offs to Appease Wall Street”

The remarks follow his criticism of parent company Warner Bros. Discovery for shelving Batgirl two weeks prior.

According to sources, CEO David Zaslav decided to shelve the project in order to deduct the $90 million movie from his taxes, according.

The Hollywood Reporter. As part of their aim to merge HBO Max and Discovery+ into one service, Warner Bros.

Discovery has also removed a number of other shows and films from the streaming service.

Sarah knows how to manipulate a crowd, but it's Sarah, Inc., according to a New Yorker article from August 16 that Oliver cited.

Then, sarcastically altering HBO's catchphrase "It's not TV," he continued, "Sarah, Inc.

sounds like the title of a sitcom starring Kat Dennings that has already discreetly disappeared from HBO Max. That's HBO. Oliver uttered: "HBO Max.

Not TV, that. It's a series of tax deductions intended to placate Wall Street.