Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 22

The sun enters logical and collected Virgo on Monday night. Whereas the Leo season beckons you to take.

the lead in the huge drama taking place all around you, the Virgo season only asks that you calmly and honestly carry out your responsibilities,

whether at work or to your community. This doesn't imply you'll stop needing (or wanting) external validation overnight; it just means it won't appear as critical.

The most important thing is that you truly believe you are living truthfully and respecting both yourself and other people.

Then on Wednesday morning, Uranus, the erratic planet of innovation and advancement, stations backward.

Whether you're actively trying to bring about change or are just reacting to it, be prepared for dissatisfaction throughout this time.

When Mercury, the planet of communication, enters the cool-headed sign of Libra on Thursday night, you'll be better able to resolve disputes without losing your temper.

Finally, a new moon in Virgo on Saturday morning prompts you to make new resolutions.