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‘We’re Pregnant’ – Toya DeLazy And Wife Expecting Their First Child

South African musician Toya DeLazy is expecting her first child with wife Alisson Chaig.

Once locally at the top of the charts for her “Afrorave” techno sound, with hits like There’s love in the air and Heart, the artist now living in London, England, is starting a family.

Toya DeLazy (real name Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi) shared the exciting news Instagramwith a photo of herself holding Alisson’s hands while Allisson reveals a visible baby bump.

Toya wrote in her caption:

“And just like that… Guide our universe as we walk into this next chapter of our lives. Thank you for choosing us to bring forth this beautiful life force – we know it is an incredible gift and wonder. I love you my beautiful @alissonchaig to do this with you is one of the most incredible experience I couldn’t have chosen a better soul to build umuzi kamama† Here is the part called motherhood. We’re pregnant, I’m going to be a #rainbowbaby mom.”

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Toya DeLazy and Alisson got married in October 2021 and have been together for over 10 years.

On the music front, Toya’s recent album, AfroRave Vol 1 was described as a way of expressing herself in a genre she created.

“When I created Afrorave I didn’t know if anyone would ever get it, a Zulu in London with her bass drum, kick-ups [and] click, but this was my very first memory of joy [and] expression, which as I grew up, my language, culture and identity were stripped of me by societal structures and belief systems that ruled my body, mind and spirit.

“This album came from great healing, understanding, acceptance and collaboration with itself, [and] with the future. This album is a picture of my mental health, being at peace with my reality and not letting others dictate what makes me happy. It takes a lot to accept people for who they are, but if the end result is understanding and connection, it’s worth it,” she explains.

Some people may know that Toya is the granddaughter of the local politician Mangosuthu Buthelezi who Royal blood, making her a princess.

Buthelezi’s mother was Princess Magogo kaDinuzulu and his father was Chief Mathole.

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